Controls Update (and others)

Buenas ¿Que tal?

We had the chance to make some small tweaks and updates to the game. The most notable is bit of change in the game controls.

Keyboard : Now the game is played with ZXC instead of ASD (well, actually, the S now is 'color shift')

Z = Block
X = Jump

C = Attack
Ctrl = Dash

S = Color Shift

Also, we made the Gamepad controls use the "back" button to go back (lol) and now the Y button is the color shift. OH! And now the D-Pad works!

Other changes: The killer saw appears sooner when only two players are left. We made are that now the blood splat has the color of the killer player instead of the killed player since it seems to reinforce better what just happened when there is a kill. Also, the ghost appears where the player was killed instead of where the corpse lands, because that was very confusing too!

There are multiple small fixes too, but those should go unnoticed (if they actually work).

As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy the game.

¡Hasta la próxima!


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