Casual Connect Update

¡Hola una vez mas!

A new and pretty update to the game, and for a good reason! It turns out we won an Indie Prize finalist spot and we are invited to showcase the game on Casual Connect USA 2018. Right now we are traveling to Los Angeles!
So it was a great excuse to made a few improvments:
We made a special VFX to show when a block connects, also, the stunned character gets colorized, this way it's waaaaay more clear what's happening with the block.
There is a new VFX for the kill, to improve clarity, and the body of the defeated character is shown in color too, so that's also good, everything a bit less messy.
And finally, we modified all levels so most of the platforms can be jumped through, giving more movility. We hope this will mitigate the tendency of combat happening at the bottom of the screen.
Oh, and speaking of movility! There is something else, a big one, now you can dash in any direction. You can dash up now, that can work like a double jump! Nice, ¿right?
Well, that is all I think, wish us luck for Casual Connect!
Thanks for reading!


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Jan 13, 2018

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