Shadow Brawler Devlog

¡Hola, mundo!

Not really used to make devlogs, so why not practice right now?

Shadow Brawler it's a game that we made for Ludum Dare #35, the theme was "shapeshift".

We have a tendency to make games with ninjas in Team Guazu, so it was kind of natural that we made a game like this. The theme also bring us back to one time that me and my partner where talking about making a game inspired on certain episode of Samurai Jack.

The game was fun, so we worked on it a while more, we even had it played in some parties and small expositions made by friends. It was great seeing people enjoying it.

Sadly, we had other projects and things to do, so the project got frozen.

Until recently. We got the time to make some updates, and we felt the first thing was giving it a bit of better presentation, with more clear menus, and a bit of more options, easier to pick up. We have lots of ideas with this game, but we want to cover the basics right now.

This is the first update, aimed to give better UX. We have a few free weeks left, so we are going to try and add some if not all of these features:

- Single player mode

- Tutorial

- New levels

- New game modes

- Change ninjas sprites

- Customize game controls

Well, I think that's all for now.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the game,

¡Hasta pronto!

- Paco

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