More Updates

We made a bit of bug fixing, and we made the winning screen a bit more enjoyable, but mostly we added a few features.

  • Ghost Mode: Now, when a player dies, it becomes a ghost, that can help reveal other living players. It can use an action button to become a bigger light for a moment.
  • Sudden Death: When there are only two player alive, a bouncing chainsaw will appear after a while. If a player is struck by it, she will lose 5 points. More chainsaws will appear as time passes

There is also an untested feature. When two players are above the score needed for winning, they have a match between the two of them alone, to untie.

Well that's all for now, next time will be changing characters sprites, and probably adding and remaking levels. There is a chance that we add the color pallete switching : O

Hasta la proxima!



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Aug 21, 2017 61 MB
Aug 21, 2017 61 MB
Aug 21, 2017 66 MB
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Aug 21, 2017 54 MB
Aug 21, 2017

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