Best update Ever!

¿Como andan todos?

This is the second to last big update of this cycle with Shadow Brawlers, and it comes with

  • Solo Mode! This is meant to be played in order to test the game if you are currently without joysticks or all by yourself and you want to try the game. It also works as kind of a tutorial on the first few levels.
  • A new kind of floor that can be traspassed if pressing "down+jump"
  • A "ducked" animation! Whoa! AMAZING!!1!
  • Minor audio changes (next update will come with most audio changes)
  • Subtle changes in some pallettes
  • Mini fixes and changes in menus as usual

Well, there is just a new update coming, the Audio update, coming pretty soon.

Also, we are going to showcase the game here in La Plata, maybe we will upload a video? Wish us luck!

Hasta la proxima!


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Sep 14, 2017

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