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Samurai Bamboo is an action game for touchscreen (mobile) where the player controls a ronin in his journey through an unnamed country. During his travels he will be relentlessly attacked by a mysterious clan of ninjas. To resolve the different stages of the game, the player must complete certain tasks while defending himself from the ninjas. Though there is never the need to defeat his enemies to advance in the game, the player can learn and choose to counterattack and kill his enemies.In the game there are a few main actions the player can perform: Cut, Block, Meditate, and Dodge. Cutting and blocking consume the energy of the character, while meditating and dodging recharge it.


We hope enjoy this beta test and leve us your coments.

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Fantastic! An intense very satisfying game, going against the trend of "one button" games you must master the use of 3 gestures and use them tackticaly to survive! One of my favourite mobile games I've yet played :)